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Remembering the Rain
Radutiu, Valentin (Cello) / Schaefer, Benjamin (Klavier) / Rieck, Marcus (Percus

Remembering the Rain

Only a few, famous jazz bassists have ever gone beyond the limitations of their instruments and sought new opportunities on the cello. Now, the cellist Valentin Radutiu has turned the tables and shows how well the cello suits jazz - at...

Aarhus Pigekor
Aarhus Pigekor (Chor)

Aarhus Pigekor (Volume 3)

We are excited to announce the latest release in the exciting new series featuring the world's greatest amateur choirs and vocal ensembles. Following last year's successful recordings from the Austrian quartet LALÁ and the Dutch choir...

Duo Recital 1971
Starker, János (Cello) / Ružicková, Zuzana (Cembalo) / Bach, Johann Sebastian (K

Duo Recital 1971

János Starker (1924-2013) is considered by many to be one of the greatest masters of the cello in the 20th century. Born in Budapest, the third son of Jewish parents from Poland and Ukraine, he began cello lessons when he was five years...

Trio Recital 1966
Grumiaux, Arthur (Violine) / Janzer, Georges (Viola) / Czako, Eva (Cello) / Moza

Trio Recital 1966

One has no problem naming off the famous String Quartet ensembles, however, String Trios simply cannot make the same boast! Even on the repertoire of the side, composers have produced many more significant quartets than they have string...


Schoenberg's "Moses und Aron" - now also nominated for a Grammy!

The EuropaChorAkademie ‘s recording of Arnold Schoenberg's "Moses und Aron" has been…

Schönberg's "Moses und Aron" receives the German Record Critics' Award

The recording “Moses and Aron“ by the SWR Symphonic Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg under the…


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  • Cello Sonatas Ravel, Maurice (Komp) / Magnard, Albéric (Komp) / Lalo, Édouard (Komp) / Radutiu

    Cello Sonatas

    Compact Disc

    hänssler CLASSIC is proud to the gifted, young cellist Valentin Radutiu. Born in Munich in 1986, Radutiu has studied with Heinrich Schiff in Vienna and since 2007 he has...

    more information
  • Complete Works for Violin and Piano Enescu, George (Komp) / Azoitei, Remus (Violine) / Stan, Eduard (Klavier)

    Complete Works for Violin and Piano


    George Enescu was one of the most brilliant musical figures of the 20th Century, and by far the most important artist to emerge from Romania. He was an extraordinary...

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  • János Starker plays Hindemith, Prokofiev & Rautavaara Starker, János (Cello) / SWF Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden (Orchester)

    János Starker plays Hindemith, Prokofiev & Rautavaara

    Compact Disc

    János Starker was one of the greatest cellists of all time. He died just last year in 2013 at an advanced age, but was active as a teacher to the end. The easygoing...

    more information
  • Trio Recital 1973 Buchbinder, Rudolf (Klavier) / Suk, Josef (Violine) / Starker, Janos (Cello)

    Trio Recital 1973

    Beethoven, Mendelsohn Bartholdy

    Compact Disc

    Josef Suk, János Starker and Rudolf Buchbinder made guest appearance at the Schwetzingen SWRFestival in 1973 - three internationally known, even famous presented two of...

    more information
  • Streichquartette Nr. 3, 4, 7 Schostakowitsch, Dmitri (Komp) / Meta4 (Interpret)

    Streichquartette Nr. 3, 4, 7

    Compact Disc

    After a long wait, their new recording is finally here! This time the young Finns give the String Quartets of Shostakovich their attention. The Third Quartet may be...

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  • Alles hat seine Zeit LALÁ (Chor)

    Alles hat seine Zeit

    Compact Disc

    The internationally award-winning vocal ensemble LALÁ has delighted audiences everywhere with their unique homogeneous sound and their refreshing and sensitive...

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  • Fun Time And More - Live Nestico, Sammy (Komp) / Armstrong, Louis (Komp) / Mandel, Johnny (Komp) / SWR Bi

    Fun Time And More - Live

    Sammy Nestico and the SWR Big Band

    Compact Disc

    hänssler CLASSIC/SWR Music is proud to announce the latest release of jazz great Sammy Nestico in performance with the SWR Big Band. Sammy Nestico is widely considered...

    more information
  • Rhapsody in Swing Nestico, Sammy (Komp) / Marshall, Wayne (Dirigent) / Gershwin, George (Komp) / E

    Rhapsody in Swing

    Compact Disc

    Perhaps no other musical style has exerted a greater influence on the culture of the first half of the 20th than did Jazz. This utterly American music, with its...

    more information