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Missa Solemnis op. 123
Beethoven, Ludwig van (Komp) / Rilling, Helmuth (Dirigent) / Bach-Collegium Stut

Missa Solemnis op. 123

Beethoven's sacred masterpiece, the Missa Solemnis, has thrilled audiences with its monumental splendor and grandeur of vision since its premiere. Even the master himself described his Mass as "the greatest work that I have written so...

Nebel, Angelika (Klavier) / Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp)


With her first critically acclaimed recording for hänssler CLASSIC, "Metamorphosis", pianist Angelika Nebel took an in-depth look at piano arrangements of works by Johann Sebastian Bach. In her new recording "Illuminationes", she now...


Schoenberg's "Moses und Aron" - now also nominated for a Grammy!

The EuropaChorAkademie ‘s recording of Arnold Schoenberg's "Moses und Aron" has been…

Schönberg's "Moses und Aron" receives the German Record Critics' Award

The recording “Moses and Aron“ by the SWR Symphonic Orchestra Baden-Baden and Freiburg under the…


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  • Metamorphosis Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp) / Nebel, Angelika (Klavier)


    Transcriptions by W.Braunfels, C.Tausig, R.Vaughan Williams and others

    Compact Disc

    Most transcriptions of Bach's music was written for the piano. From the plethora of edits, reinterpretations, metamorphoses of Johann Sebastian Bach's works for piano,...

    more information
  • Christus am Ölberge Beethoven, Ludwig van (Komp) / Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart (Chor) / Rilling, He

    Christus am Ölberge

    Compact Disc

    Beethoven's only oratorio is heard here in a passionate and reverential interpretation by Helmuth Rilling and his elite choir, the Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart. They are...

    more information
  • Beethoven-Complete Piano Sonatas - 9er Beethoven, Ludwig van (Komp) / Oppitz, Gerhard (Klavier)

    Beethoven-Complete Piano Sonatas - 9er

    Compact Disc

    Beethoven's cycle of 32 Piano Sonatas is one of the pinnacles of the entire piano literature. A true compendium spanning the development from the classical to romantic...

    more information
  • Gloria Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Komp) / Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix (Komp) / Händel,


    My favourite vocal pieces

    Compact Disc

    Helmuth Rilling requires NO introduction! Here is a JOYOUS celebration of the artistry of one of the World’s Greatest living choral conductors – with an intelligent...

    more information
  • Piano Concertos Wq. 22, 43/5, 46 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (Komp) / Rische, Michael (Klavier) / Kammersymphonie

    Piano Concertos Wq. 22, 43/5, 46 (Volume 3)

    Compact Disc

    The previous two CDs from pianist Michael Rische of the Piano Concertos of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach have been universally acclaimed for their high degree of musicality...

    more information
  • Die kompletten Werke für Klavier solo Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (Komp) / Markovina, Ana-Marija (Klavier)

    Die kompletten Werke für Klavier solo

    Compact Disc

    Throughout Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's works for the piano, one cannot help but appreciate his craftsmanship, his complete mastery of composition and his daring and...

    more information
  • Night Stories Lin, Jenny (Klavier) / Debussy, Claude (Komp) / Schumann, Robert (Komp) / Tchaik

    Night Stories


    Compact Disc

    The night has always been a time of
    enchantment; she embodies the uncanny, but
    also the romantic side of human existence. For
    her new hänssler CLASSIC release Jenny...

    more information