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Technical Questions


About the Bach iPod


In which format and compression rate are the tracks presented?

All tracks are presented in AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), the standard format of Apple. The compression rate is 128 kBit/s (kilobit per second) in AAC format. Please note: AAC 128 kBit/s equals an MP3 format of 192 kBit/s.


Can my iPod only be recharged with a computer?

Yes. Your pre-recorded iPod is shipped in Apple’s standard packaging - which only includes a USB adaptor. Apple offers a variety of additional peripherals so you can charge your Bach iPod conveniently even when travelling. Please check the Apple homepage for more information.


For how long can I use the iPod before I have to recharge it?

The average runtime of the battery is 30 – 40 hours.


Will the data on my iPod be deleted when I connect it to a computer?

No. Your iPod will only be over-written when you use the iTunes software (which has to be downloaded from the internet). Unfortunately, the data on your iPod will be erased and matched with the data of the iTunes music library. So please follow the instructions of the booklet for transferring the Bachedition data from the 3 DVDs (included in your package) to your iPod. After that, there will be nothing to interfere with your listening enjoyment!


The transferring of data from the DVDs does not work. What can I do?

In rare cases the password encoding - which is necessary for copyright protection - can interfere with the readout of the DVDs. In this case we are happy to exchange your DVDs for new ones that will not cause this problem.


Where can I find out more about how to operate the iPod?

We have created a manual with additional tips and tricks which you can download at  under the heading “My BachPod.”


How long will it take to receive my iPod when I order it from Germany?

Delivery may take a little longer because each unit is individually uploaded and checked in-house at hänssler CLASSIC. We feel that this extra measure of care insures your 100% complete satisfaction when you receive your Bach iPod. For most orders shipped within Europe and North America, average delivery time is between 2-3 weeks.

In my package the manual / 3 DVDs are missing. How can I get it / them?

Please let us know which part is missing, and we will send it to you as soon as possible.


I already have an iPod and don’t need another one. Can I get the three DVDs without the player?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the DVDs without the iPod. However, the Bach iPod is a spectacular gift, and we suggest purchasing the digital Bachedition and giving the iPod to a friend or loved one while keeping the DVDs for your own enjoyment. This is a true win-win deal.


I forgot my password. Can I get a new one?

Of course! We can send you a new password immediately. Just send an email request to and we will provide a new password as soon as possible.