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Questions from New Artists


I have recorded various pieces of music. To whom can I refer?

Please contact our product manager. Contact details are listed in our section “About Us” / “Our Team”.  


What should I send in along with my application? 

It is important for us to get a comprehensive impression of your work. Music samples, reviews, pictures and biographical information can help us evaluate your application. 


How long do I have to wait for an answer?

The waiting time for an answer can vary. If it is quite obvious that the offered works do not fit into our current/planned program, an answer wont take more than 1–2 weeks. In cases of more detailed evaluations we have to ask for your patience as we include various external partners in our consideration. But we still try to give you an answer within 1–2 months. 


What should I do if I have not received any feedback for a long time?

In this case we want to apologize to you. Oftentimes we receive so much material that a request cannot be answered as quickly as we would like. Please contact our product manager directly for an immediate answer.  


What happens after a recording has been approved? 

If a recording / project matches the design of our program, we will contact you directly to plan a) the date of recording or b) (in case of a completed master) the conditions of the contract, and to set a schedule for the release.


Do you have specific preferences concerning the repertoire? 

Generally we do not have specific preferences, but decide on an individual basis if the submitted material fits into one of our series, fills a gap in our program or has other plus factors to offer. In general, it is not likely for you to receive a positive reply, if the offered pieces are already part of our repertoire.


How do i distinguish a good label?

It is impossible to give a global answer to this question. The main thing is for you to feel at ease with the label. You as an artist and we as a label have experiences and visions. If both sides are interested in a cooperation it is essential to meet up for a personal talk. If this results in a positive impression on both sides, the most important requirement for a successful collaboration is fulfilled. Mutual trust should always be the foundation.


What can I expect from my record label?

If an artist aspires a long-term career he or she needs to put in a lot of effort and time. A record label is just one part. In general, it is important to know the core task of a label: the publication and distribution of recordings on different kinds of sound carriers – on CDs or now increasingly on digital media. Artists should also find a good concert artists’ agency for themselves. In addition to that it is important to give as many concerts as possible – which may require extensive travels – and to be available for interviews or other marketing events.  To have a good record label is an important foundation because it provides the artist’s business card (the CD), and makes it known to as many people as possible. Positive reviews in the press and affirmative feedback from customers can be a great starting point for further productions. It is the label’s task to put to account all connections in order to promote the CD and thus the artist as widely as possible.