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Wolfgang Meyer, Jascha Nemtsov, Grigori Krejn, Israel Brandmann, Grzegorz Fitelberg, Jakov Weinberg, Boris Levenson, Julian Krejn, Simeon Bellison

Jewish Songs without Words

World Premiere

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Title   Duration
1.1 Four songs without words op. 23 I. Lento
1.2 Four songs without words op. 23 II. Grave
1.3 Four songs without words op. 23 III. Lento
1.4 Four songs without words op. 23 IV. Moderato con moto
1.5 Variations on a popular theme op. 12 Andante - 5 Variationen
1.6 To the wedding a.) Kale-besezen
1.7 To the wedding b.) Procession
1.8 Canzonetta (Grandmother's tale)
1.9 Hebrew dance op. 68
1.10 Children's round
1.11 Three Hebrew songs without words op. 12 I. Pas trop lent, alla breve
1.12 Three Hebrew songs without words op. 12 II. Assez modéré
1.13 Three Hebrew songs without words op. 12 III. Modérément, mais avec mouvement
1.14 Three songs without words op. 38 A morning in the mountains
1.15 Three songs without words op. 38 Mourner
1.16 Three songs without words op. 38 Story
1.17 Berceuse funébre No. 1 op. 8
1.18 Rhapsody
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SCM Hänssler
 Neue Jüdische Schule
Compact Disc
 57 min.
January 2004

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Ethnomusicologist and Piano virtuoso Jascha Nemstov continues his critically acclaimed exploration of the Jewish Moscow School. While previous releases have focused on the Russian-Jewish Avant-Garde, this new CD features the artistry of clarinetist, Wolfgang Meyer in a program of works inspired by the rich legacy of European Jewish folk song.
This unique program is unavailable ANYWHERE ELSE and will appeal strongly to collectors of previous volumes, clarinet aficionados and fans of Judaica.

Wolfgang Meyer, Clarinet; Jascha Nemstov, Piano

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involved persons

  1. Wolfgang Meyer (Artist)
  2. Jascha Nemtsov (Artist)
  3. Grigori Krejn (Composer)
  4. Israel Brandmann (Composer)
  5. Grzegorz Fitelberg (Composer)
  6. Jakov Weinberg (Composer)
  7. Boris Levenson (Composer)
  8. Julian Krejn (Composer)
  9. Simeon Bellison (Arranger)