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Johann Sebastian Bach, Helmuth Rilling, Arleen Augér, Juliane Banse, Thomas Quasthoff, Bach-Collegium Stuttgart, Figuralchor der Gedächtniskirche, Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart

Die kompletten Werke von J. S. Bach auf iPod touch (32 GB)

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Title   Duration
1.1 Church Cantatas
1.2 Secular Cantatas
1.3 Motets
1.4 Masses, single mass movements, Magnificat
1.5 Passions & Oratorios
1.6 Four part Chorales, Hymns and Arias
1.7 Organ works
1.8 Clavier works (harpsichord)
1.9 Works for the Lute
1.10 Chamber Music
1.11 Orchestral works
1.12 Canons, Musical Offering, The Art of the Fugue
1.13 Other Works
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499,00 EUR
SCM Hänssler
 175:06 hrs.
July 2011

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The Digital Bachedition on i-Pod touch® 32 GB!

The complete 172-CD-Bach-Edition now on a single iPod touch!The Best Way to Enjoy the Critically Acclaimed Edition Bachakademie! Available World-wide - at a competitive price - a celebration of a lifetime's work - and sought-after throughout the World - hänssler CLASSIC's Complete Works of Bach, produced in cooperation with the International Bach Academy.

Recorded under the direction of Professor Helmuth Rilling from 1975 to 2000!

Helmuth Rilling's legendary Bach Edition is now available on an 32 GB Apple touch! On the occasion of Helmuth Rilling's 75th Birthday hänssler CLASSIC has released the Bach ipod on a 32-GB iPod touch, the industry's most respected mp3-Player! The perfect gift for the musical connoisseur: The Bach iPod contains more than 170 hours of music! Operation and search functions are very user-friendly. A MUST for every music-lover!

The iPod classic is a technological marvel - fully compatible with any existing digital playback equipment, fully operational on both Macintosh and Windows OS to offering you full sonic fidelity. Full functionality to all compatible accessories when used with the iPod Dock Connector.
We deliver the Digital Bach Edition for you on 3 DVDs with the iPod touch. You not only have the opportunity to enjoy every note that Bach ever wrote but your 32-GB iPod touch, you can also take pictures and videos, listen to Podcasts or check your e-mails and explore the internet thanks wireless lan technology. This and much more is now possible thanks to your iPod touch!

Pre-Paid Orders ONLY!

The Digital Bachedition includes
- original Apple iPod classic (in stylish black) -
with Li- ion Akku High Capacity Batteries, for longer life- 32 GB storage capacity
- OEM headphones
- USB 2.0 Cable
- User's Manual
- 1 Year manufacturer warranty
- 2.5 high-resolution color display
- Weighs only 101 grams
- Size: 11.1 cm x 5.89 cm x 0.72 cm
- 3 Backup DVDs with the Digital Bach Edition in AAC format, including full-color cover images of the original CDs

Apple is not a partner or sponsor in this promotion

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