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Diapason d'Or

  • Piano Trios Dvorák, Antonín (Komp) / Smetana, Bedrich (Komp) / Trio Atanassov (Ensemble)

    Piano Trios

    Op.15 & Op.65

    Compact Disc

    With the current CD, the Trio Atanassov, a young ensemble from France, emerges onto the scene. Numerous international awards are destined for this debut CD. Reviews have already spoken of "enthusiasm and exceptional artistic accomplishment...

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  • Messe und andere Vokalwerke Hindemith, Paul (Komp) / SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart (Ensemble) / Creed, Marcus

    Messe und andere Vokalwerke

    Apparebit repentina dies, Lieder nach alten Texten op.33

    Compact Disc

    December 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of Paul Hindemith's death, but this is not the only reason for the SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart to turn Hindemith's choral works. His works continue to impress with diverse expressions and moods...

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  • Stabat Mater / Les Biches Poulenc, Francis (Komp) / Denève, Stéphane (Dirigent) / SWR Radio-Sinfonieorches

    Stabat Mater / Les Biches

    Compact Disc

    Stéphane Dénève, the new principal conductor of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra of SWR, makes his debut recording with a thoughtful and exceptionally well-balanced program of music by the French composer Francis Poulenc.

    As has...

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  • Magicien orchestrateur Koechlin, Charles (Komp) / Hoelscher, Florian (Klavier) / Holliger, Heinz (Dirig

    Magicien orchestrateur

    Compact Disc

    When listening to the orchestral music of Charles Koechlin, one is immediately captivated by the intoxicating range of colors he was able to craft into every score. Given his extraordinary sensitivity to instrumental textures, it is hardly...

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  • Le Docteur Fabricius op. 202 & Vers la Voûte étoilée op. 129 Koechlin, Charles (Komp) / Holliger, Heinz (Dirigent) / Simonin, Christine (Soli

    Le Docteur Fabricius op. 202 & Vers la Voûte étoilée op. 129

    Compact Disc

    "This is a journey to far away regions, far from Earth, but not far from human emotions". That is how Charles Koechlin characterized "Vers la Voûte étoilée", his Nocturne for Orchestra, which he finished in 1939. Its title means "Watching...

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  • Symphonies 1-9 & Adagio Mahler, Gustav (Komp) / Gielen, Michael (Dirigent) / SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden

    Symphonies 1-9 & Adagio

    Compact Disc

    Hänssler Classic is proud to announce the release of the most eagerly anticipated Mahler cycle in recent memory. All Nine Symphonies are presented in their entirety. This will be a proud addition to any collection....

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  • Six Partitas (BWV 825-830) Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp) / Pinnock, Trevor (Cembalo)

    Six Partitas (BWV 825-830) (Volume 115)

    Vol 115 Sechs Partiten BWV 825-830


    Six Partitas

    BWV 825 Partita 1 B-Dur
    BWV 826 Partita 2 c-Moll
    BWV 830 Partita 6 e-Moll
    BWV 827 Partita 3 a-Moll
    BWV 828 Partita 4 D-Dur
    BWV 829 Partita G-Dur

    Jed Distler on "Trevor Pinnock takes a break...

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  • Influences of Cantata, Concerto & Chamber Music Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp)

    Influences of Cantata, Concerto & Chamber Music (Volume 98)

    Vol 98 Einflüsse aus Cantata, Concerto & Kammermusik (Orgelwerke)

    Compact Disc

    Organ Works - Influences of Cantata, Concerto and Chamber Music

    This CD with its free and chorale-based works from different - sometimes not precisely identifiable - periods of Bach´s life shows with what ease he adopted influences from...

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  • Masterpieces from the Weimar Period (Organ Works) Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp) / Johannsen, Kay (Orgel)

    Masterpieces from the Weimar Period (Organ Works) (Volume 93)

    Compact Disc

    Organ Works - Masterpieces from the Weimar Period

    This CD comprises free organ compositions, two solitary organ chorales and Bach's most important chorale partita, "Sei gegrüßet, Jesu gütig".

    BWV 542 Fantasia and Fugue in G...

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  • The Young Bach - A Virtuoso Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp) / Johannsen, Kay (Orgel)

    The Young Bach - A Virtuoso (Volume 89)

    Compact Disc

    Organ Works - The Young Bach, A Virtuoso

    The discrepancy between virtuosity, artistry and genius on the one hand and the reality of the musical profession on the other has probably never been more aptly expressed than in the Arnstadt...

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  • Ohrdruf, Lüneburg & Arnstadt Bach, Johann Sebastian (Komp) / Marcon, Andrea (Orgel)

    Ohrdruf, Lüneburg & Arnstadt (Volume 87)


    Organ Works - Ohrdruf, Lüneburg, Arnstadt

    As always, the old proverb rings true: "Practice makes perfect." Even the young Johann Sebastian Bach had to learn and practice - although glimpses of his genius already shone through at a very...

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