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The Artists


Pride of place must first go to the artists of hänssler CLASSIC. Were it not for the artistry of these talented men, women and even children, there would be NO music! Throughout hänssler CLASSIC’s history we have always endeavoured to present artistry of the world’s finest musicians. Our collaboration with SWR music has allowed us to expand our focus, and continue our mission, honoring the artistry of these dedicated musicians who have sacrificed so much to bring a few moments of beauty into our lives. For being an artist usually involves a difficult lifestyle dominated by infinite practicing, exhausting travels and uncommon working hours. Often there is little time for family, friends or interests outside the musical world. That is why we are especially grateful for all individual artists that put their heart and soul into classical music – be it as soloist, as part of an ensemble or at the conductor’s desk.

"Music must never
be comfortable,

never become a museum-piece,
not be placatory.
It must stir up people,
reach them at a personal level
and get them to thinking."

- Helmuth Rilling (conductor) -





A short Overview