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Music Festival Stuttgart


The Musikfest Stuttgart, presented annually by the Internationale Bachakademie is the culmination of a year’s work and preparation. This popular music festival features numerous concerts, master classes, open rehearsals and lectures. Each season opens with a full itinerary of internationally renowned soloists, ensembles, lecturers and presenters from all over the world who have gathered in Stuttgart to celebrate the Joy of Music. Each year presents an in-depth exploration of a single artistic theme or concept. This intensive and at times, even reverential encounter with the great masterworks of western culture as they relate to a specific theme provides audiences with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear even well-known musical works with greater appreciation and understanding.

The festival was founded in 1985, and takes place in Stuttgart. Prior to 2008 it was known as the “Europäisches Musikfest Stuttgart”.

For this very special cycle of musical performances the Bachakademie has selected exceptional and unconventional concert venues: the Stuttgarter Wagenhallen at the Nordbahnhof train station, the SWR broadcast tower, as well as more traditional platforms such as the Stadtkirche Bad Cannstatt or the Berger Kirche. The Musikfest Stuttgart offers something special for all tastes – in architecture, setting and musical programming.

Each Musikfest has a specific theme. All events are planned in view of this theme, and compositions are chosen accordingly. 

Past Successes and Future Growth

The 2009 Musikfest Stuttgart saw an increase of 16% in overall attendance from 2008. When the final calculations were completed, total attendance for the 2009 concert series exceeded 34,000. In 2009 the festival’s theme was “Light.” In a series of 63 events different aspects of  “Light” were systematically explored and celebrated: from its religious connotations, to its influence on impressionist painters to its continuing use as a resource and inspiration for contemporary artists today.


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